Tuesday, 25 July 2017

New 15mm Normandy pre painted kits

Our latest additions to the 15mm Normandy range include
 2 shop blocks a warehouse and a bungalow

Available as a set of 5

or singly-

Double block of shops.

Single large shops




Available on the website now-



Sunday, 23 July 2017

shacks and mining supplies

More Old West additions

First up is a row of shacks which can be homes for the seedy end of town. They could also be used as a row of small shops. Just paint on some names and the job is done.

This is the first of a few models we will do without the false front. Buildings like this were very common in Western towns so will add to the realism of your model towns.

As usual the roof comes off and the model has a front and back room with a counter.
As usual it is supplied with pre painted parts and colour instructions.

This will sell for £19'95-



28mm ACW Brick Houses

Next up for the ACW range are 2 brick built houses

Redoubt figures for scale

£19.95 each available here-




This model will be supplied with a free standing horse rail. It will be supplied as a prepainted kit but i have added an extra layer of dry brushing to finish my model. 

The walls are made from 4 mm MDF. Inside contains a cell and desk.

Price will be £19.95.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

28mm Herr Tavern, battle of Gettysburg

I made this model as part of a commission for a collector who required 20-30 models for ACW and Gettysburg games. It's taken quite a while to get this one right as there appears to be no period pictures of the building. Consequently the front porch is conjectural based on pictures of contemporary taverns. The actual main structure will have remained pretty much the same due to the protections the town receives due to its historical importance.

One or two small tweeks and it should be ready for a final build for the customer. 

We will be making these buildings available in kit form next week with the launch of the first 5 including this one.

Perry and Renegade models.

Roof sections and floors can be removed.

More Gettysburg historic buildings to come as well as generic ACW era ones too.


Friday, 16 June 2017

10mm Ruined buildings

Four new ruined buildings in 10mm scale sold as unpainted kits. These will be sold individually or as a set of 4

Available now as a set of 4 for £13.50 here


15mm sci fi cityblocks

I'm told that 15mm Sci Fi is big and i should start doing my 6/10mm range in this scale. Well here are the first 3.

The Ivory tower

The Green tower

and the Blue tower.

15mm helicopter and tank and a Martian thing from All Quiet on the Martian Front.

Roof comes off to allow internal access.

Comparison with 6mm building.

More of these will be coming soon.

Now on the website here-15mm Modern/SciFi